By Aizaz Chaudhry MB/ChB


Background: Optogenetics techniques are widely used to investigate functional brain networks, such as feeding networks. Optogenetics offer high specificity; controlling the activity of subpopulations of neurones within regions of the brain and brainstem. However, on its own, the technique provides no information on the global effects on feeding networks. The global effects of optogenetic stimulation of individual neurones can be measured using a technique called optogenetic functional magnetic resonance imaging (ofMRI). In addition to this, more evidence outlining application of machine learning techniques to fMRI data.

Method: We review the literature around optogenetic investigation of feeding…


Below is an essay I had written for a university requirement. I admit, it’s pretty rough. I attempt to condense two essays into the word count of one, and I don’t go into as much depth as perhaps I would’ve liked.

But it reflects an important transformation in my thinking around mental health. Therefore I’ve decided to present it.

I grew up in a semi-conservative middle class Immigrant family. There isn’t really much link between this kind of upbringing and mental health except for the fact my father was a psychiatrist. Was he the kind of psychiatrist that had patients…

Aizaz Chaudhry

Medical Student at the University of Birmingham

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